July 4, 2019

A321XLR; a Game Changer?

Airbus A321 has been in service for many years. As its success has been proven, it continues to be improved and manufactured. It is not new ideas to offer a more economical new engine option for civil aviation (especially for Airbus) and extend the range with additional fuel tanks. Airbus continued this tradition and showcased its new model A321XLR ...
June 16, 2019

Airplanes Changed the World

The airplane has affected human life in several ways. Not only it shortens the distances, but it also facilitates social, economic, cultural, scientific, and inspirational exchanges. Here we listed some of the major aspects that how airplanes changed the world. Speed of Travel Before the invention of airplanes, it was very difficult to travel to ...
May 19, 2019

Old Airplanes vs New Airplanes

We live in the age of technological innovation. New models of products we use keep coming almost every year. Mobile phones, laptops, automobiles and home appliances are at the top of this list. Although the planes cannot enter the top of the list yet, they continue to keep us alive in terms of technological regeneration. There is a general prejudice ...
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