May 23, 2017

Cons and Pros of Our Job

Every job has its good and bad parts. There is no perfect job, there is work that is perfect for us. Aircraft technical consulting is also an area with its own advantages and disadvantages. If we try to summarize under certain headings it is possible for us to make a list of the pros as follows;

+ Flexible Hours

The starting and ending hours depend on you. You can start working at any time, you can stop working at any time. You can do a different activity in the middle of the day, and you can return to work and compensate by working a little later.

+ Travel

You can experience being able to travel to a large number of countries, and beyond this you can be one of them by entering into the working life. This can turn into an advantage by developing you in more sophisticated environments, and it can also turn into a fight to preserve the quality of your work in less developed places. However, when you are traveling, your family can join you and many business trips can be turned into a cultural tour at the same time. Frequent flyer programs and chain hotel free night gifts is another advantage.

+ Different cultures

As an extension of the travel experience, it allows you to experience different cultures as well. For example, you can go to short courses in the country you are currently working, try to learn a native language, or join non-tourist group activities of the resident. It is highly probable that you will have a group of friends and even can have long lasting friendships.

+ Experience

You have the opportunity to experience many organizations in different sizes and levels in the professional sense. As each organization is a leader in different fields, each new organization brings advanced knowledge to a different dimension of work. In the same way, since your customers will be different companies, you can get double benefits from the organizations you serve and those you get served on their behalf.

+ Personal Expenditures

You can deduct expenses such as car hire, food, fuel, ticket and travel expenses, accommodation, communication. You can use all of these items with discount at VAT rate because each VAT amounts are subject to processing, you can convert the VAT amount to advantage to get a slightly better service.

+ Overtime

You earn as much as you work, and if you work too hard you have a chance to earn extra. Apart from this, overtime logic becomes more like learning to plan your daily life more regularly. As long as you do what you like, there is no overtime, you do what you like. It does not matter how long you've done what you love.

+ Income

You can determine the price yourself, and you can refuse any work you do not want with good reason. You can increase your income by taking more work, you can raise your price by using it to improve yourself again. You can earn a steady income by winning regular customers.

+ Discipline and Saving

Because you have to find your own projects and win your customers, you will work more disciplined and sticking to the ethics. There is a possibility that there will be no orders for 6 months or even 1 year,  so you have to accumulate a cash reserve for emergencies. You have a considerable amount of savings that you can not afford to have.


Of course, it is possible to open an equal number of headlines for the cons as well;

- Daily Routines

Your routines like sports, morning run, hairdressing and nutrition are constantly interrupted. Every time you go somewhere, you will try to find a safe and reliable hairdresser who understands your recipe. You will end up to learn how to shave your hair with standard number 3 trimmer yourself. When you go to places with a time difference, your sleep patterns and all your daily habits change accordingly. As food changes in the same way, you may have difficulty maintaining a certain diet.

- Short Term Plans

You can not make long-term plans. Since the location of your next project is not known, you will either have to wait for it to vacate the project or vacate yourself to take a project at any time.

- Social Security

You are responsible for your social security. You have to follow your insurance and pay regularly. However, since you can choose your insurance level yourself, you can arrange it as you wish to direct it to your personal savings.

- Taxes

An accountant assistance (and its expense of course) is obliged to declare your income correctly and to pay your taxes again yourself. You also have to declare a company address and invoice your customers at this address. The address and working environment must be acceptable as an office and you will have to repeat many formal operations when you change the address. According to your total income, your tax level might vary and you have to keep all the bills during your travels.

- Hangars and X-Ray

Hangars are usually subject to special security checks when they are located in safe areas or where controlled access is required. Even, some places are within military boundaries, so your entry and exit times are strictly followed, you are not allowed to take photographs, and you can not travel around on your own in the place. This limits your mobility and makes it difficult for you to leave your place, even for lunch. The obligation of putting all your metal belongings to X-Ray make you learn live without belts, heavy jewels, coins and boots.

- Family

It is inevitable that you are short with the family and you live long distances according to the situation. Projects may have unpredictable extensions or unexpected location changes, so that communication difficulties originating from time differences can be added to the separations. There are not many events in your world like the best times of the year, the bank holidays, celebrations or special days of your relatives/friends.

- Telephone (or Communication)

This simple detail also becomes a necessity for special follow-up. If you want to continue using your mobile in the country you are in, you will always have a new local line and you will have to change your number each time. You have to follow up the pre-paid credits continuously  and check if your own line (mobile data) is roaming. For this reason, you can cut incoming calls short and call yourself back from programs like Whatsup or Viber.

- Mobile Life

Your passport is adequate and your visas to critical countries have to be found valid all the time. The suitcase becomes a piece of you and you learn to live by carrying almost all of your needs in a small wheeled bag, like a turtle. You will gain the ability to prepare your baggage at 20 kg or to survive with 20 kg of your personal belongings.