November 14, 2017

Airplane Decoration

Airplane passenger cabins are like the rooms in our houses. It consists of a flat (or rounded) wall and floor. Since the locations of clean and waste water lines are pre-defined, it is certain where the kitchen and the toilets can be located. The only difference on airplanes is the requirement to record all kinds of changes and consider certain limits. If we compare airplane cabins with our living room, the differences between decorating an airplane and a house become easier and clearer to understand.

In our house, we can put the seats as close as we want to each other. There are limits to the seat spacing on airplanes, and we cannot get any closer. In the same way, we cannot approach the wall or another panel over the limits.

We do not care much about the weight and shape of the seats we prefer for our home. There are certain weight limits for airplanes, we cannot fit every seat on every plane. On the other hand, we prefer lighter seats for more passengers and luggage.

When shopping for furniture for our home, we can shop from every store as long as we do not have any personal reasons. For airplanes, we can only buy from manufacturers who have been tested and approved to be suitable for that type of aircraft.

We take different precautions against fire that may occur at home, such as a fire tube, an alarm or a fire service. On airplanes, we take precautions by using non-flammable materials to prevent a sudden ignition in a possible fire.

In our house, we can place the seats very close to the doors, even to prevent the door from opening fully. On airplanes, we can not put a seat closer to the frame of the door at a certain distance to make it difficult to escape in an emergency.

It is obvious that there is no need for a seat belt in the seats in our home, but there is a requirement that the seatbelt should be present on each seat of airplane. This belt is as light as possible but strong enough to hold even the heaviest person.

In our homes, we can continue to use the covers and cushions of the seats even for very long years. On the airplanes, since their non-flammable properties weaken over time, they have to be renewed after a certain period of time.

We can place second-hand seats in our homes as long as they are fine to us. We can only put second-hand seats on airplanes which are certified and approved.

We can decorate our homes ourselves and we do not have to get approval from anyone. We can make all the changes we want until we are satisfied. Airplanes can only be decorated by companies that have the authority of decoration. Once the process is complete, it is necessary to get the approval of the authorized company again to make a change of even 1 centimeter.

The settlement of the goods in our home is entirely up to us. On airplanes there are restrictions due to center of gravity and dimensions.

We can repair any of the seats in our homes by asking for help from any furniture manufacturer, even if the warranty is over. On airplanes, we can only get support from authorized repair stations.

We can attach different covers and cushions to our seats in our homes, and we can decorate them with pillows. On airplanes, we can only use approved mattresses and covers that are provided with unflammability feature.

We can move the seats from place to place in our homes for a detailed cleaning, or even upside down and put it in a different place. After cleaning is finished, we do not have to replace it exactly the same. On airplanes, a seat has to be put in the same position again, inches by inches, for whatever reason it moves.

There is no document or record in our homes that shows the current decoration. On airplanes, the current decoration has to be documented showing all the details.

As a result, decorating the aircraft is a very sensitive and costly process. Once decorated, the airplane has to stay unchanged until it is redecorated.