January 4, 2018

Internal Friction in Business (2/2)

For most of the time, the routine training programs are provided to the business organizations in an exactly identical manner, by just changing the name of the company, addressee and updating the price.  The success of the previous programs is shown as a reference. It is agreed that everybody understands what has been told, since participants of the training are the adults. After all, they are considered to be worldly-wise people, they understand for sure. However, the badly managed trainings turn into the extension of the mundane school days and they alienate people from the work like school. When the outcome is not as expected, the responsibility lies with the self indulgence of the Education Company or personnel. The education company starts to interest in with the next customers upon enriching its reference list for it completes the assignment. Nobody checks upon the as to whether learning necessities are provided or not.

Most of the companies do not lean to the training due to the its budget, time and suspicions about the conclusion.  The underlying reason of the suspicion is that managers of the company think that it is not easy to analyze the yields of the budget allocated for the training as they do in the profit and loss statements. Another important point which has been ignored is that whether the process of the training is properly managed or not rather than the content of the trainings. Atmosphere of the training should naturalize, liberalize the communication and turn it into multipurpose. In other words, the atmosphere of the training is more important than the subject of the training.

First of all, the trainer and institution should be aware of the learning technologies. They have to know how human body and mind work. They have to understand the body language of the trainees, step in by determining the trainees who have hard time to understand, and most of all, they have to apply all the things in their life that they are teaching and like the teacher requests a teacher who falls from a building rather than a physician, thus understanding the problem of the company, which demands training.

Another aspect is the fear of losing personnel, who receives training. Maternity leave and child raising processes for the married ones. It is possible to overcome such concerns with pledge agreements with proper contents by meeting trainee personnel and trainers face to face by including education institution to the processes. These meetings can be seen as an opportunity to measure the willingness and available knowledge of the personnel.

The final point, usually overlooked, is that while organizing a training program, keeping the same atmosphere of the company. That is, to think to move forward by only training the personnel without making changes in parallel to the trainings. To expect different outcomes with the same management approaches without being aware that change stats from top to bottom. Training progress means to change the company from head to toe, otherwise it is just for the sake of appearance such as "Are you having training, yes we do" situation. Another certificate to the dusty ones stored in the drawer of the personnel.  

The training for companies now becomes a significant matter which requires comprehensive and tailored made approach. The real training step should be equal to creating an academy. The objective should be an integrated development by preparing training and application programs which are consistent with each other to the managers and employees of every level on a separate basis. Of course, each industry branch or organization has not an opportunity to provide a training atmosphere such as this; however, one has to take these steps if one would like to grow. Everybody can learn with a training program, provided in suitable atmosphere and properly applied. The main determinant here is the application discipline of the change requirements and continuity of the internal trainings such as compulsory 8 years education.

It is possible to carry out the following permanently through the training processes by harmonizing the theory and practice with ethics; 

- Shortening the mutual response time,
- Increasing the quality of responses,
- Making aware of the employees, who think that the company survive thanks to him or his department, about the bigger picture,
- Ensure making feel the individuals' and departments' places and real volumes within the company.

It is a fact that training programs providing such scope will bring major gains in the short and long run regardless of the budget of the training. Basing on the content of the training

- It is possible to minimize the negative atmosphere of the economic fluctuations
- To provide new subjects on which people can focus
- To help them discover the details of the works right next to them
- To increase the quality of the suggestions on emergency states
- To acquire the ability to decide on their own
- It also has effects to acquire awareness of taking responsibility.

The continuity of the technical information is guaranteed by harmonizing with ethics in the programs, which are conducted as in company academy. It is possible to transform into mentorship model, which can be intervened at once if required by using the advantages of academy to be within the company.