August 19, 2018

A Perfect Airplane

What would be a perfect airplane?

Different groups will give very different answers to this question.

Each group will undoubtedly dream of a design that will highlight their expectations.

It is possible to make a list with a very simple generalization;

A perfect airplane for an airline is pilotless, maintenance free, self-manageable of catering and uses a free energy source like the sun.

A perfect airplane for a passenger has fully flat-bed seats, plenty of leg room, charges almost free, provides unlimited food, beverage and luggage capacity, travels super-fast.

A perfect airplane for a pilot has no complicated system, never fails, requires minimum input and provides the most comfortable flight deck ever.

A perfect airplane for a maintenance engineer is the one which follows its own maintenance requirements, tells all its malfunctions 100% precision and describes the correction without any spare material or tool requirement.

A perfect airplane for a design engineer, has nothing new to get over from previous design, requires minimum time to calculate and uses all the existing data to bring the maximum profit to the company.

A perfect airplane for an aviation authority, has nothing new to test or certify, no systems or parts failed to create a potential injury and needs to monitoring of its operation at all. 

As we over simplified the list here, each party of civil aviation has its own fantasy and pulling the reality toward itself.

An airplane is somewhere at the center point of all these major players' efforts.

In fact, what is in reality is the effort to find the balance point of these expectations.

It is certain that the changing times and circumstances will surpass some expectations.

Time will show which expectations will manage the future.