December 11, 2018

Commonalities of Homes & Planes

Although aircraft are highly technological and advanced vehicles, they are not designed independently from the features we want in our homes in our daily lives. It is possible to achieve a parallel between our houses and planes. Let's have a look in some important headings;


There are carpets on the airplanes just like in our house. But these carpets have to have some important features. At first, it should be difficult, even if possible, never burn. If it's going to burn, it should be very slow and smokeless, so that it doesn't hurt us more in an emergency. It should be light so that it doesn't weight in vain. Of course, if it does not show dirt, and easy to clean, that’s another plus. Also wear hard so that you don't have to renew very often.


Yes, the toilets we all know, the interior we pay the most attention to. First of all, it shouldn't smell, because it's a very narrow space. This means a very good ventilation. It should be cleaned easily and should not remain dirty when we flush. At least, shouldn't show its dirt (good hiding skills). The waste should be kept very well so that the diseases do not spread. If it looks a little cute and smells like perfume, would be perfect, right?


The most sensitive subject. All companies wish you to serve the most spacious, the most advanced, the most luxurious quality, but like our homes everything depends on our budget. If we're in a crowded family, the coolest seat won't do much. We will take a small footprint, but we will be able to accommodate the most people. When it comes to airplanes, we want it to be light so that it does not weight. But it would be easy to break if it is very tiny, so the repair costs would increase then a solution that we can find the optimum is the best.


Well of course it must be very solid. Even if someone pushes, it shouldn't be opened in the air. But in case of danger, it must be opened quickly so that we can easily open and escape. We have full of paradoxes in airplane design; no surprise why it costs that much money, right?


We all want a beautiful home with a nice view. This is true for airplanes, but it is unlikely that it will be so huge to weaken the body of the airplane. At the end, a window is a hole in the structure so big and many holes are not very bright idea for an airplane. Of course, there are also curtains; both stylish and light, easy to open and close as well as a solid structure. Easy to clean and replace.


During the flight, we always heat the air in our planes because it is very cold outside. (-40°C) We're only required to cool during landing and take-off or on the ground. Since hundreds of people breathe in a relatively narrow cabin, the air has to be constantly refreshed and filtered. Fresh air flow should come over the top of our heads and be sucked under our feet so that bad odors do not disturb us. In addition, we can buy hot or cold air at the airports by renting air conditioning carts. Most of the time it's cheaper than our own engine and gasoline costs.

Basement / cellar

No doubt we want plenty of space. We want to have a place for everything we need to keep. We'd like some cold for some of our things, and hot for some. All these features are available in different locations, with different capacities.


The other most important place. It should keep the cold, cold, the warm, warm. The capacity is preferred to be wide. Let us cook quickly and serve. No smell. A practical, easy to clean structure. In a few places, have a lot of features. Lightness is important again.

Bins and closets

The bigger the better. We want to keep our everything in them, just in an arm’s distance. The internal arrangement should be also arranged to use the whole capacity. Its doors should be also strong enough so that the contents do not fall into our heads in an emergency. A certain weight limit is required to provide all these, so our luggage must always be weighed.

As a result, our targets and expectations in our private life are in line with the design criteria of the aircraft. In addition to our budget, weight (or lightness), robustness and practicality come to the fore in aviation.