June 16, 2019

Airplanes Changed the World

The airplane has affected human life in several ways. Not only it shortens the distances, but it also facilitates social, economic, cultural, scientific, and inspirational exchanges. Here we listed some of the major aspects that how airplanes changed the world.

Speed of Travel

Before the invention of airplanes, it was very difficult to travel to faraway places because of the excessive time it took. Also, sailing across oceans or driving through countries were very time consuming and exhausting. You’d appreciate aviation more, when you imagine the quantity (and the burden) of the borders you have to pass when you travel from Europe to Aisa. The speed of air travel allowed people to make weekend or daily trips across the country.


It has significantly reduced travel time from one destination to another. The costs and the experience of traveling changed, as well because airplanes provide comfort and amenities that are not available in bus, trains or boats. All these factors contributed the development of international business. Today, it is very easy for businesses to operate on an international basis because their representatives can conduct important business deals in person. Visiting foreign countries and doing business abroad is another way the airplane has influenced a more globalized world.

Transport of Goods 

We can consume foods that we had no chance of eating or tasting before. Options and diversity have increased. Regional and seasonal production constraints have been eliminated. Products that were not available before or were only available in one part of the world, can now be used by people from across the globe including medicines. Airplanes are capable of transporting any kind of cargo to the other side of the world in less than a day. Airplanes also improve medical care by quickly moving patients from rural areas to large medical centers and transporting organs to distant locations for transplants.

Exploring and Accessibility

Humans explored new countries and destinations that were previously only accessible by boat or vehicle, or not accessible at all. This also affected international politics. People now have opportunity to meet and learn about people from other countries while on business or pleasure trips. In addition to this, it offers a bird's eye view of our planet that we enjoy watching from window seats.

World Peace

Tourism improved massively. Travelling became available at any budget, thanks to the low-cost carrier concept. The more people travelled and experience the different cultures, their understanding and tolerance improved. This has led to the spread of culture, where more people visit foreign countries. Prejudices have been destroyed. Hearsay information is now replaced by experiencing firsthand. People now have their own ideas about different cultures and international affairs so political manipulation is not easy as before.

Life Standards

Interestingly, people also experienced the higher standards of goods and service, so their expectations are increased. Higher quality is demanded. Air travel industry, including airports and all sub-industry create millions of jobs across the globe. It is estimated to be 60 million jobs throughout the world and the global impact is approximately 2.4 trillion dollars. As a result, aviation also increased the people’s life standards.


The world is now global and there are no true borders thanks to air travel. It is possible to run-away from daily rush to find inspiration in new places, daily basis. People can even relax during their flight or be innovative while traveling. Change of environment has a positive effect on human mind and inspires people to make new things, take serious decision and change their life.

Strong Regulation

The commercial aviation industry shaped a very strong regulation to assure the safety of air travel. Comprehensive safety requirements and programs are in force and many new ones are being added every year. Aviation authorities sets the minimum safety standards for the airlines and acts as the public’s watchdog for safety. Therefore, air travel contributes a strict discipline on travel safety.

Warfare and Space Travel

Military air force also greatly changed the course of modern warfare. Planes play a major role to transport soldiers, emergency supplies and spy on enemies abroad. Space travel is also connected to airplanes. Without airplanes, space travel wouldn't be possible. Depending on this, we know about the universe much more than we used to know before, thanks to the achievements in aeronautics.