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Experienced engineering professionals on airliners and their complex systems, having airline background, we fully understand your expectations and concerns. Our effective team communication eliminates much of the stress and obsticles. We distinguish the differences of each project and take the necessary actions as required. Our project history here can give an idea about our capability and skills.

We continuously train ourself (both technical and personal aspects) to stay up-to-date in our affairs.

A team in harmony can achieve any goal!

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3rd Year of the Service!

Thank you for trusting us to be your source for worldwide quality consultancy. We appreciate your business, and for choosing our team to support your projects past 3 years. We look forward to sharing your further success. All the ...

Projects & Clients
Airbus A330-343 Transition from China to Turkey

Here is an Airbus A330-343, which was manufactured under European (EASA) Regulation in 2008. It was operated in China under Chinese Civil Authority (CAA) for 11 years by following American Regulation (FAA). After an intensive maintenance check & ...

Gold or Jet Engine Blade?

Airplanes are expensive vehicles. There are certain reasons for this. Safety comes first. Back-up/spare systems, advanced electronics, lightweight and durable materials increase the cost. Some parts of the planes are much more expensive than the others. ...