February 13, 2018

Aircraft Technology Students Meeting @ Istanbul Ayvansaray University

We meet with Aircraft Technology Students of Istanbul Ayvansaray University to talk about what is waiting for them in future. We received a plate for our attendance, we appreciate the fantastic hosting environment of this ...
January 31, 2018

"What is Next for You?" @ Istanbul Istinye University

We continued "What is Next for You?" series with Istanbul Istinye University Aircraft Technology students. How can a student get prepared for the business life while studying? What are the key points of job interview? What to do to be recognized? We also tried to answer the questions of attending students. Thanks again for this beautiful ...
December 1, 2017

"What is Next for You?" @ Istanbul Cockpit Aviation High School

Another cheerful meeting with Istanbul Cockpit Aviation High School students. We talked about what kind of challanges are waiting for them in future. They are so lucky to have a dedicated aviation high school, which was not even a dream for us, in our time. We also refreshed our high school days memories with them and we shaped their dreams ...
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