July 25, 2018

Our "Memorial Forest" Dream Came True

Our dream of creating a memorial forest turned into reality.

It was one of our 2017 goals; planting more trees than we consume as books, furniture and all other needs. We had no idea how to do it. We just locked in on our intentions and progressed bit by bit, even though it was a challenge. We have arranged a lot of volunteer training. Many student meeting performed. We were told that it is not possible to choose plantation area but we were delighted with the Gaziantep / Nurdagi region assigned this year, where my father & grandfather came from. 98% of the saplings have been kept as it was very rainy this year. There are ones which are two meters in length. 

Special thanks to General Directorate of Forestry and TEMA Foundation to make the process such an easy way.

We wish to see it as a mature forest, if we live long enough.